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Today’s Finds – Go Get ‘Em Tiger

I haven’t given in to Twitter yet because I’m stubborn. Maybe I’ll eventually give into Twitter because I’m curious. Not being a Twit makes me feel old. I appear to be in the minority and boring. Am I old and grumpy?

Here’s some things not Twittered by me.

Defending The SEO Castle

Danny Sullivan addresses a A Bad Month For SEO’s Reputation. As always, he’s a genuine charming Prince.

Lisa Barone walks the castle hallways wondering… Does The Search Engine Optimization Expert Really Exist?

Which Came First? The SEO or the Usability Person?

An amazing article by John Ferrara …Search Behavior Patterns

Search behavior is the result of interplay among several independent factors the user brings to the search operation, six of which are described below. Designers have no more control over these than they have over the color of the user’s hair.

Creating Usable, SEO-friendly websites

Usability spawns SEO, not just the other way around.

Who’s The Best: Design, Usability or SEO?

For the internet to realize it’s full potential, we need sites that people can find, that are compelling enough to capture their attention, and that are usable enough to keep that attention. Like it or not, that means we need designers, usability specialists, and SEOs.

User Skills Improving, But Only Slightly

Users are also overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that many sites dump on them.

From John Rhodes comes this thought provoking article – Choice Kills Usability

Next time you’re thinking about giving your customers 100 choices, think about the effort that it takes to investigate each decision. Think about the cognitive effort required to sift through option after option. Look, if you “know” there is one best choice, eliminate the junk and focus, focus, focus.

Reaching Over the Pond

QA Session on User Persona Method with Lene Nielsen

[Atul Manohar]
A large section of work (for most Indian IT Companies) comes out of off shoring. In a typical offshore scenario, what are the considerations, parameters, limitations, advantages for using the persona method?

[Lene Nielsen]
Not that I have any experience with off shoring, but I do have an opinion :-) I think that when the programming is taking place with a distant relation to the HCI persons who have done user studies, personas become even more important. I find that the personas descriptions should be part of every specification requirement, in order for the programmer to understand what he is doing and who is supposed to use the system. That way the scenario would become more precise and communicate more that the mere specs.

The upside side is longer than the downside side. With One Remarkable Move, The SEO Guru Kills the in-house, out-house Debate

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