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Today’s Finds – Women Rock

My “Today’s Finds” has fizzled into a “Oh, that looks good, let’s keep that” habit where links get tossed into a pile for later. More and more of my route has been culled back so I’ll have more time for “real work” and family obligations. Not to mention I just get burned out or simply bored so much faster these days. What’s up with that anyway?

On to the haystack…

Women Rock

Out of the blue, Sarah Bird, Esquire, shows up. I love the way she writes about legal Internet stuff.

Diane Vigil is way smarter than me. I’ve never heard of Cross Site Scripting. She has and knows what it means.

Marketing to Women Online: L’Oreal Gets Flashy describes Yvonne’s experience with L’Oreal’s FLASH web site. Never make a woman wait. For anything.

Colleen Jones is my favorite user experience writer. Try, Engagement: Should We Care?

Bitching Betty looked fun for those days when I need to…you know. Vent or something.

Personas are People

Marketing and the use of personas is discussed in Creating Marketing Personas

Personas – as part of a user-centered innovation proces takes it to a deeper place.

Variety Pack

Whatever LukeW writes about forms design is on my “must read” list. Like A Few Form Design Articles.

If you’re a rock star designer…Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire: Life lessons from consulting to academia, and back again

The more I read interviews with these rock star designers, the more I realize how out of touch with real design problems these people are. Approaching design solely as style and brand simply perpetuates the notion of Design as transparent and shallow, and if these people continue to serve as the mouthpieces for our industry, our industry will continue to simultaneously lose the business-centered respect and credibility it so urgently needs, and to ignore the social and cultural problems it so direly needs to solve.

What M*A*S*H Can Teach You About Blogging. As an old M*A*S*H fan, this piece is fun reading and brings back some sweet memories.

Congratulations to my fellow “live blogger”, Marty – Search Engine Watch Welcomes Great New Blogger

I’ll leave it at this because my 14 year old son has sat down nearby and begun to sing the theme song to “Sponge Bob Square Pants” during intermission from watching a Flyers game.

My house is nuts.

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  1. January 26, 2008    

    Aw, Kim. Not necessarily smarter; we just do different things, y’know?

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