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Today’s Finds – Feisty Friday

Feeling frisky? Here we go…

Why Jason Calacanis For a Third Time at SES? Because silly. Everyone in the SEO industry deserves to be paddled. And by golly, it’s worth paying for. Kinda like paying to be tied up and tickled to death or hot wax being slowly dribbled onto your chest, just for fun of course.

Even More Advice for Startup CEO’s Rae socks it to Rand and Andy. I’ve never had a good experience with a CEO. In my experience they started out as idealists with good intentions but after a few years became so distanced from their employees, customers and product that they no longer had a clue what was going on in their own companies. I would hate me if I became one.

You know how it takes years to figure some people out, if we ever do? Guess what? We design Internet applications such as shopping carts to be just as mysterious. Why we don’t hide the front door handle inside the Batcave

Making SEO Fun Again meets What if SEO & Search Had Action Figures. Nobody remembered my Wonder Woman costume. Just as well then…

Ah yes. Sad to have not made the finals. Going back to my little corner now. Vote for Lisa. She’s funny. Vote for SEMMY finalists.

Watch what you say around Jared Spool. Personas are NOT a Document is a nice reminder that you can leave a company but your boss will never leave you.

Apparently there were only enough women in the Search Engine Marketing industry to be interviewed for a year, nobody seemed to give a damn about meeting them or someone doesn’t feel Women of the Internet Marketing is worth continuing. But paying $3000 to see Jason Calacanis is. Go figure.

When he says decline, he doesn’t mean decline in a bad way decline. Jakob insists things are only a teeny weeny scary in Usability ROI Declining, But Still Strong

Luckily, current usability ROI is so stupendously big (spend 10% to gain 83%) that it can decrease much more and still be a favorable proposition for business executives. Eventually, of course, we’ll reach the point where further usability investments will have lower ROI than other ways of spending the company’s money. But that point is probably 20 to 30 years into the future.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

Do no evil.

How People Found My Blog This Week

The following terms introduced my blog to new people this week thanks to the miracles of search.

“usability humor navigation” – Some newfangled usability thing. Giggles when you click it.

“what will life (be) without seo” – expensive; people will write in full sentences

“article of people who had experience in the heaven” – I imagine it’s not unlike Digg. You know… thumbs up. Thumbs down. A lot of swearing if you were in the middle of doing something fun.

“too old to flirt” – I wanna know who thinks that. You’re crazy.

“ms geico” – Not to be confused with Ms. Dewey. Or the lizard is a girl.

“p.s. I love you marketing” – What. You don’t love usability?

“should my husband flirt with my best friend” – That’s a really dumb question and even worse, why are you asking a search engine?

“why a search engine is useful” – Well, for starters, you found me didn’t you?

“how did the house of blues determine its target market” – I wrote about that? When?

“hot sexy women – Now you’re talkin’!


  1. January 26, 2008    

    What’s even more sad about the Women’s Series …. is that only 12 people have taken the time to take the survey.

    Isn’t looking like even most of the women who were interviewed for the series even care, even though they benefited from the exposure.

    I know you care, Donna and Risa… and there’s a few more – but wow, after people have said, “what a great job” I really thought there would be more survey responses. It’s only 5 questions, and 3 are yes or no’s.

    Rather sad, when an article on an idiot appearing for a 3rd time at a conference as a keynote speaker gets more sphinns than a survey about women get responses, isn’t it? :(

  2. January 27, 2008    

    A great post, written from the heart. I hope we’ll see more Feisty Friday posts. .. also less of Jason C. BTW if you want more of him, you can always follow his tweats. :)

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