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SEO Blogger Fights for Axis Deer

There are countless reasons why someone from the search engine marketing industry operates a blog. It can be to share news, promote one’s services, create community, converse with clients and the public or raise awareness of issues.

I seek out positive thinking people and those who, in the face of negativity or peer pressure, continue to do their thing with class and integrity. Their reasons for doing whatever they do are often deeply personal and self fulfilling to them. For example, when an experienced marketer supports talented newcomers, or sometimes an industry leader gets into legal or reputation trouble and despite a harsh judging environment, they continue to work, learn and grow.

By now, in the year 2008, I figure that there are enough experienced web developers, search engine marketers and usability consultants out there who are taking their expertise and putting themselves into places that benefit something besides their business or work. These are the folks who volunteer, take up causes, teach, write books and articles and get involved with local events where their skills are helpful. They’re rarely paid, but money isn’t the point. Helping others is.

An excellent blog piece came out last night, written by Miriam Ellis of Solas Web Design. It’s an example of someone using their company blog to highlight an issue dear to their own heart, raise awareness and for Miriam’s family I think, express profound personal grief over a great injustice.

White Buffalo Inc. To Massacre Last Axis Deer – Shame and Infamy is her heartfelt sharing of a park system intent of killing off an entire species of deer. In an age where protecting animals is so important, it’s impossible to accept that a US park would not find alternatives to problems other than simply killing animals that live in our parks.

As Miriam wrote,

I am sorrowful to report that the last remnant of the Axis deer family will be destroyed during this week of Jan. 28th – Feb. 1st. They will be rounded up and driven into a hole by gunmen piloting helicopters who will then open fire into the hole.

I deeply respect Miriam’s decision to stop her daily routine of work and family to signal the world that something is terribly wrong in her neck of the woods. While her effort may not save the deer, she is helping to bring awareness of a situation that exists and it’s a sad reminder that humans still don’t know how to share this planet in peace.

Cre8asiteforums Discussion – An Example Of What Matters


  1. January 29, 2008    

    I just can’t thank you enough for spending YOUR time writing about this, both here at in the forums. This is very meaningful to me, and the fact that so many people have felt wounded by this situation with the deer is something I am seeing as a hopeful sign. Compassion is one of the best traits human beings can have. I am seeing hopeful signs of compassion everywhere, and this is helping my husband and I so much during this difficult week.

    I send you a hug for being such a kind and supportive friend to me this week, Kim. It is wonderful that you have written about this.


  2. February 18, 2008    

    Well, that’s one of the many things that a blog can do. Aside from sharing our personal stuffs, business advertisements, etc. blogs are one of the powerful internet tools today. We can publish/share our opinions and point of views as well as inform the public about what’s happening around whenever, wherever. A great tool for information sharing

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