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Introducing NonProfits on the Web and Cre8tive Tomorrow Forums

I began to question where forums fit into the present day socially oriented Internet picture in November when I wrote Where Do Forums Fit on a Social Network Driven Internet? The consensus was that forums are still wanted, needed and could still serve.

For me, personally, to keep at it for what is now my 12th year as a moderator (10 years with my club/forum, plus 2 years moderating email list discussions before that), I needed to find ways to keep me interested and decided I was likely not alone.

There are many forums in the SEO/M, marketing, web design and development and software QA/dev space. Each has its devoted community. You can pick and choose and sometimes find a “home” in a forums environment that feels right for you.

For Cre8asiteforums, I wanted to do see what we could come up with for 2008 that would help the staff feel good about being there, and the Cre8tive Community feel inspired after visiting. We know our members are smart and busy people. How can we support them? What do they care about? What do they want to know more about?

My co-admin, Bill Slawski, and I, brainstormed with friends and forums staff. We changed the forums tagline to “Building Better Web Sites Together, For A Better World” because this matches what matters to us as people in the industries we serve and work in.

Today we’ve launched the first of our ideas. There will be more surprises as the months progress. We have several things in the works that we’re excited about, but because it’s nearly all done in our so-called “spare” time, it sometimes takes a bit longer to push out the door.

Two New Forums

Bill Slawski starts off with one of our new forums, called NonProfits on the Web. We want to learn how nonprofits market themselves. What issues do they face in search engines, marketing, branding, competition, credibility? What is a nonprofit site? Where do site owners network? Are there usability concerns unique to non-profit design vs profit? What keeps them inspired when the going gets tough and for no pay?

Within hours of launch, there are already three very good discussions there.

The other new forum is one we’re also very hopeful about for a forums where search engine marketers and web designers gather. This one is focused on advances in Internet technology and intends to explore new programming and potential usability or search engine issues related to them. Do you know what’s coming? Our Pierre Far leads the way with Cre8tive Tomorrow. Microsoft’s Silverlight, Adobe’s FLEX, Silverlight 1.0, Google’s Android, Gears, OpenSocial, and Facebook apps. Do any of these ring a bell?

We want to invite you to teach and share at Cre8asiteforums.

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