Today’s Finds – Web Site Design, Women, Tech & Heart, Jan. 4

Today’s blog crawl results:

Take a jump to the left – The Case For Right Navigation – Yay! Or Nay!, Get in here and weigh in!

Anybody have before and after analytics for a site that received a left to right nav switch?

Take a jump – Google has an interesting program going on: Google Grants

Who knew?

Future Internet Technologies for Dummies – Cre8tive Tomorrow

My favorite horse in this race is Microsoft’s Silverlight. Again it is a browser plugin that allows you to interact with the browser, the HTML, and the server that generated teh page. It works by creating XAML, an XML-based interface language that describes the interface’s controls. Version 1.0 was released a few months ago and it supports JS as the language of choice. The power of SL though is when version 2 is released. Then, we’ll be able to use any .net language to write websites. That includes C# and and have those run in the browser. This means that we’ll be using desktop-quality controls and programming languages and have them display in the browser. That’s going to be very disruptive.

Perform this trick before we let you make a purchase – Account Sign-in: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid

In usability test after usability test, we see the registration and sign-in processes to be consistently problematic. It’s the most common thing that scares users away from shopping on e-commerce sites. It generates the most calls to the customer-support call center.

I heart my heart – Grow your Business by Completely Ignoring your Inner Wisdom

Sometimes I get asked about “following the heart”. So many people don’t understand what this means. How do we know when we are following our hearts? How do we know what part of ourselves to listen to when we have conflicting emotions? How do we know what direction to take our business in when there is a fork in the road?

Hear us roar – The Year of the Influential Woman

If you EVER wanted to change the world to be more woman-friendly and now earth-friendly, corporations are listening.

Stimulate – Towards a model of innovation

For the last few years, innovation has been a big topic in conversation about business management. A small industry fuels the conversation with articles, books, and conferences. Designers, too, are involved. Prominent product design firms offer workshops and other services promising innovation. Leading design schools promote “design thinking” as a path to innovation. But despite all the conversation, there is little consensus on what innovation is and how to get it.

Take a bow, fellow bloggers.

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