Today’s Finds – Search Engine Marketing Jan. 3

Today’s travels took me to:

No Nonsense Debra – Will The Real Search Engine Blog Please Stand Up?

Come on guys, you want us to follow your webmaster rules then make it official by posting them in one place, on your company blogs. Let’s get rid of the FUD, the crude, and the mud associated with near-miss comments by people trying to share.

No Nonsense Aaron – Why SEMPO is Worse than the Defunct Search Marketing Associations

SEMPO saved my life. If they hadn’t sent my wife an SEO who got her site penalized she probably never would have found me, bought my book, started chatting with me, and saved my life.

No Nonsense Danielle – The Ins and Outs of Forum Marketing

It takes time to build a credible profile, and when participating in a forum you can wind up giving more information than you gain.

No Nonsense Marty – Arrogance & Writing in Self-Center Person

It’s easy enough to be arrogant, especially if a person has little going for him or her. No matter how big a rock star we ALL get turned off by “me, me, me”.

Interaction designers wonder what SEO has to do with it – SEO and Usability

There is theory being preached within my company that if you optimize for search engines, then you are optimizing for the user as well. I disagree. I think they are two separate sets of logic, that may in fact overlap, but are absolutely not in harmony.


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