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User Experience and Search Marketing in Las Vegas First Week in December

It appears as though the pickings for those interested in both usability/user experience design and search engine optimization/marketing have one more conference to choose from in the same week. Jakob Nielson’s User Experience 2007 conference is set for December 2-7, 2007, in Las Vegas.

So are:

Pubcon – December 4-7,
Search Engine Strategies Chicago – December 3 – 7.

One wonders how this happened?

Interestingly, from the search engine marketing side, more traditional speakers are filtering out into other large, established conferences, such as those from the Direct Marketing Association. Talk at the SMX Social Media conference in NYC, where I’m posting this from, is about the number of conferences, limited number of speakers to go around, making hard choices and in some cases, leaving old stomping grounds and leaping into related industries in an effort to reach and network with new people and companies.

Okay…back to my duties covering sessions at the conference I did get to.

For December? I’m staying home.


  1. October 17, 2007    

    I can see Jakob’s event getting scheduled in conflict with the other two, but there must be some bad blood between SES and PubCon at this point. Sorry to hear you won’t be in Vegas; I just registered for PubCon over the weekend and am hoping to put a lot of faces to names.

  2. October 19, 2007    

    The User Experience 2007 will be held in Barcelona in Nov 4-9. OK, if you are in America that means you have to cross the Atlantic, but Barcelona is a nice city! I’ll be there :-)

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