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This Week’s Highlights for Usability and SEO

It’s been an interesting time for both the usability and search engine marketing industries. The following is a tour of some of my favorite finds and discussions, as well as proof I didn’t sleep all week.


Don’t Ignore Accessibility explores the implications of not applying usability and accessibility practices. The kicker is that the article comes from the highly esteemed SEO resource, Search Engine Watch.

Professionalism In Our Industries – Recent public outings in the SEO industry, as well as recent hot topics at Cre8asiteforums, prompted this discussion.

What Does Copyright Cover? is another discussion at Cre8asiteforums but this one gets pretty deep. Who owns the content in a web site forums? Who owns blog comments? Can you sell this content?

Should Something Be Done About Cybersquatting / Domainname Farming Etc. ponders the idea of regulation and control. Web folk either love the idea or despise it.

Erotic Life as a New Frontier in HCI – Case study; “Adopting a perspective of life quality in technology development implies that quality of erotic life should also be accounted for.”

Women in SEO” Turning Into “Hot Young Teen SEO? – You can just imagine what happened in this discussion.

Back to the Future

Starting The Seo Process: An SEO Forward – A roundup of tips, advice and guidance culled from a lively discussion.

What is the Future of Usability? captures differing views and points to an unsettled future where there will not be enough trained people to go around.

How Much Money Would It Take? starts off with a generic question about the cost of building a web site. In this case, it’s a dating site. I wondered if this newcomer would get laughed off the stage, but the responses are patient, thoughtful and educational.

Adobe’s Form Follows Form can’t be viewed unless you have FLASH. When I showed this interesting demonstration on making forms more usable to the community at Cre8asiteforums, they were frustrated at not being able to access it without needing a fast connection, plug-in, etc. There’s more to their case study, if you have the time and technology to access this document.


The Road Film“The Road is a film about the journey of four friends from San Diego, California who ventured into the jungles of one of the world’s most repressive countries to expose generations of atrocities against a people who face extinction.” A search engine marketing friend of mine helped get this site featured on CNN.

Read This to Me. Volunteers needed.

How Do Users Really Feel About Your Design? explores one of my personal passions…emotions and usability (captology). Do you know how your visitors really feel about your web site?

Funny Sad Thing

As you know, end users, usability, QA testing and user experience design, including accessibility, are vital elements for the long-term success of your online business. A smart marketing budget includes money spent on hiring an individual or company that performs usability audits because they focus on what happens (or doesn’t) when customers find your site.

Even Google is focused on the user experience, as evidenced with this instructive video from 2006. (The page is static. You can then choose to view the video.)

The Art and Science of User Experience at Google

A year later, I still can’t find a written transcript or audio version for the car.


I will be reporting on next week’s SMX Social Media conference in New York City for Search Engine Roundtable. This is my last conference for the year.

I’m interviewed tomorrow for a Podcast. If it turns out well and they decide to run it, I’ll post the news.

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