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Kim Krause Berg Podcast Interview on Web Site Usability

On October 12, Eric Enge, of Stone Temple Consulting, interviewed me about web site usability. His interview series typically features search engine marketing people and topics, but his personal interest in user centered web design inspired him to branch out into related fields.

Listen here: Kim Krause Berg Podcast

I’m in good company. Eric has interviewed Danny Sullivan, Avinash Kaushik, John Marshall, Jim Sterne, Jakob Nielsen and many others.

Eric writes about the interview at Kim Krause Berg Podcast, Usability and SEO

The podcasts are under 30 minutes and include a written transcript for those who don’t wish to listen to the audio version. The transcript for mine is Kim Krause Berg Podcast Transcript.

While the interview is largely on web site usability, I was able to tie some of the discussion back to search. When discussing eye tracking and how our eyes go first to what we understand or make a connection with, I used search engine results pages as an example:

…if a (page) description is chunky and I can’t even get a full sense (of what the site is about) in the search results, I am more likely to skip that website and go further down till I get to a description that’s logical and speaks to me, even if that site is lower down on the page. Everybody says you’ve got to be at the top of the search results pages. But, if you are not making any sense while you are sitting there, there are people like me who are just going to keep on going and probably make a connection (farther down in the results).

For my very first podcast experience, this one went fairly well. These interviews are different from email interviews, where I can fuss over and edit the dialog. Eric Enge put me at ease. I think the audio makes more sense than the transcript because I tend to run ideas and thoughts together like a traffic jam.

This whole experience provided me with a better understanding on why actors dislike watching themselves on screen.


Cre8asiteforums discussion on the podcast is here.

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  1. October 22, 2007    

    Key Kim – I especially like the last sentence of the above post. I completely understand, as I am in the same boat on that one.

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