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Forget San Jose and O’Hare…Can She Get to NYC Without the Drama???

Li Evans tagged me the other day about reasons to go to the IM NY Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fund raiser in New York city this coming Monday.

Because I’m one of those barefoot, happier in the country folks whose idea of real transportation is a horse, the only reason I’m truly able to get to this gig is because of Li, whose duty tomorrow will be dragging me on a train to NY.

This is my last conference for the SEO industry this year, in which I volunteer my time to cover sessions for the SearchEngineRoundtable. It’s hard work, but worth the pressure because I’m grateful for the education I’m receiving as I’m typing along.

The SMX SM conference is focused on social media and how it relates to marketing. Since Internet users control marketing these days, rather than marketing directing our choices and their brand reputation, how social sites fit in, are utilized, and even exploited, are all important aspects of Internet marketing to know these days.

There’s little in the way of how usability, user centered design, and captology fit into social media design, but persuasive design is already on this elephant’s back. I’m also paying attention to Luke Wroblewski’s articles on form and application design because the better designed applications will help in creating the whole “social” aspect of the Internet. Facebook users can testify that some of the applications offered there are simply a pain in the neck to use, with some of them not offering any information before requiring you to install them.

Posting here next week, between the conference, work and being a mom (and “frying up the bacon”, you know the drill) will be up for grabs. I’ll be at Barry’s blog, and trying to not freak out on the subway. I have some recall of being on one once a long time ago, and I haven’t been on train in over 30 years!

However, after what I went through to get to the San Jose SES conference by way of getting stranded twice in Chicago, this should be a piece of cake.

I only live 2 hours away from NYC. How hard can this be?

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