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Three Social Networking Sites You May Not Know About

There’s a place for everyone on the Internet. Meeting other people just like you has never been easier and so ridiculously difficult at the same time. There are so many social networking websites that I feel like I’m standing in a corn field.

Three More

These sites are all attractive and ready for you to check them out.

1. Quechup – You can search for people, start your own blog, submit videos of interest, chat, play games and more. I couldn’t determine the target user for it, but the first Ad Sense ad in the que cracked me up. “Find Adult Here. Visit our Adult Guide.” So there you go. (Updated: Link disabled. See comments.)

2. Gather is a robust online watering hole that invites in-depth conversation you can sink your teeth into. Gather isn’t messing around. The site has attracted over $20M in corporate investors such as former Lotus Chairman Jim Manzi, Pittsburgh Pirates’ CEO Kevin McClatchy, Allen & Company, The American Public Media Group, Hearst, The McGraw-Hill Companies, and Southern California Public Radio. They claim to attract over one million”highly educated, highly informed” adults each month. I was sold the instant I saw “Read thought provoking articles” on the homepage. That’s a value proposition aimed towards me!

3. TierraNatal targets a niche with style. Launched by my good friends at Digital Telepathy, this social site is “a unique Hispanic social network grown to provide a connection between Mexicans living in the US with their hometowns (tierra natal) in Mexico. There are over 300,000 towns listed with a beautiful UI to display the towns and states their in.” Techcrunch ran a good review, giving it a positive heads up.


  1. September 18, 2007    

    Gather certainly looks interesting. Of course, I don’t know that anything can catch up to MySpace’s momentum any time soon. But as more of these come out, and some of them turn out to be nicer, more stable, and more usable apps… This will get interestinger. Thanks!

  2. September 18, 2007    

    I think the survival of social media sites under the myspace umbrella is completely dependent on targeting niche markets… not catering to the overall crowd, but simply targeting an area of interest that someone will sign up for in addition to their myspace account, as opposed to instead of for a single purpose that myspace cannot offer to them.

  3. September 18, 2007    

    Quechup have a reputation of spamming people with invitation emails without permission. Take a look at this post: http://www.pronetadvertising.com/articles/the-absolutely-wrong-way-to-market-yourself34526.html

    So be careful when signing up.

  4. September 18, 2007    

    Quechup is a complete f-ing SPAM MACHINE. Don’t ever sign up for it or accept an invite from anyone on it. It will spam everyone you know. :(

  5. September 18, 2007    

    Hey Kim,

    2 decent sites, but that Quechup, everyone’s been ragging on how it’s nothing but spam.

    About a week or two ago my twitter went crazy with people complaining about it. From Scoble to Rubel, kept hearing “Spam spam spam”.

  6. September 19, 2007    

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding our newest project. We are very excited about the early praise it has got from the industry. Our challenge really has been to connect a very large but very new online population with the site through a lot of very traditional advertising methods. New features we will be rolling out shortly include a comprehensive business section where local Mexican companies can promote their services on select town pages.

  7. September 23, 2007    

    Quechup caught me out – saying they are not in my good books is an understatement. I wrote about it on my blog: http://www.rosiesherry.com/posing/2007/09/quechup-spam-do.html

    Personally, I quite like Ning. I’ve set up a nice li’l Software Testing Club which seems to be going well: http://club.drivenqa.com.

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