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When I Needed Help, Facebook Was There

Nobody could be more surprised than me to discover that a social website would be where I found comfort when I was really, really scared. Pick your pie. Here’s my face. Have at it.

Last week there was a family emergency that stopped me in my tracks. I wasn’t blogging here or working or participating in Cre8asiteforums because I was visiting my husband in the hospital.

Shortly before the earth stopped rotating, Lisa Barone wrote a response to something I wrote here, called Building Communities Within Your Community. She wrote:

When I read Kim’s post my first thought of was, “Go, Kim!”
My second thought was, “Kim, you’re not hanging out in the right neighborhood.”

I had read her post several times. It’s not that she was saying anything THAT differently. For months, she and many of her friends have been singing the praises of Facebook. But, whenever I received an invitation to it, as a non-member, my reaction was more along the lines of how Mike Grehan feels, as expressed in Interview: Mike Grehan, World Traveler & Global SEO by Lee Odden:

I HATE Facebook! Please God, take it away and let me get some work done. (snip) I log in and get told “three of your friends changed their underpants today” or some such bollocks. I don’t care. Go away and leave me alone. All of you. I have a job to do for crying out loud!

Writing is my comfort food. I come here for many reasons and one of them is just to share and talk with you. But, it felt wrong to blog about this thing…the experience that rocked my world. I needed something normal, a few days into it, and as much as I wanted the normal thing to be here at my own blog, I knew it could not be. Something about those 10 Rules to Being a Perfect Blogger, or 150 Things You Should NEVER Do IF You Blog just kept nagging at me.

So, I decided to look at this place Lisa was so sure I’d be happy with. And, she was right.

I signed up for Facebook and made my page. Within minutes, my friends from the Search Engine Marketing industry swarmed in. I talked about what was happening here because my husband has come with me to several conferences and a lot of people know him from that. The response was gentle, loving, supportive, even tentative at first until some understood it was in Facebook that I was willing to talk and where I was reaching out for them.

I landed in a community within a community. It’s different than being thrust out into the whole Internet. The people who are hooking up with me at Facebook already know me; some of them know me really well. They know how to read between the lines. A few knew I was totally lost and freaked out and needed them. Still others had walked this path themselves and could help me steady me as I made my way.

Things are slowly getting back to normal here. I now understand that although there are abuses and waste on the Internet, there are also these sacred places that are there when or if we need them.

What a relief.


  1. August 14, 2007    

    Great post, Kim. The community within the community is what will always separate Facebook from the barrage of social sites out there.

    I’m glad you were able to find your friends when you need them. We were waiting for you. :)

  2. August 15, 2007    

    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. Sending good thoughts your way!

  3. August 21, 2007    

    Wow, Kim. Sorry to hear about this, but hope your hubby is okay. And you.

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