Flights Canceled on Way To SES San Jose

Where to begin? I hear the reason I’m sitting here in the Chicago O’Hare Hilton hotel is because of a hurricane. I won’t be arriving to San Jose today as planned. All I can do is hope the flight I re-booked for tomorrow isn’t canceled too.

Woke up at 4:15 am to catch a flight from my local airport to grab an early morning connector flight in Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The hour flight turned into 2 hours, with 7 flight route changes and delays due to the weather. Despite their best efforts to get us there, my connecting flight to San Jose was departing as I was rolling into the airport.

They had no other flights to San Jose, on United or American airlines, which were the only two airlines going to San Jose today. I’m not a seasoned traveler. I traveled alone once, over 20 years ago. They re-booked me for tomorrow morning but I wasn’t ready to deal with an overnight stay in a strange city so I booked a flight to go back home instead. I had made up my mind not to go to San Jose.

Then, they canceled my flight to go home because of the weather. I could either rent a car and drive 14 hours home, or join the swarm of other people in the exact same situation as me. The weather is making a real mess here. United Airlines, thankfully, has lots of customer service phones that connect you with humans, so rather than wait in line, I used one. I’m now booked for a flight out of here to San Jose tomorrow am, but it appears I will not make the SES Womens Lunch.

I have no idea where my baggage is. Thank goodness for TV, cell phones and the hotel Internet connection.

If anyone got stuck in Chicago, and you see this, please leave comments or if you’re a friend, email me.

Pray for better weather.

13 thoughts on “Flights Canceled on Way To SES San Jose

  1. Hang in there, Kim! Just get yourself to SJ safely and then let your friends take it from there. We’ll make sure you have a good week, no matter how bad the start is. :-)

    (I’m in an airport right now. Fingers crossed for no problems.)

  2. This is such a mess…but I’m safe at least. I plan to hit the airport early tomorrow and if they hint at cancelling THAT flight, I want to be ready to try again. If not, I’m just going to try to go back home…

    I understand now the stories I’ve heard, of folks being stranded somewhere without their luggage. It sucks being alone and going through this…really, really sucks.

    I hope you have better luck Matt. I hear its sunny and perfect in SJ…not like where I am. Raining and dreary.

  3. The local news reported 200 cancelled flights plus countless delays in Chicago airpt. I hear I’m not alone, as other SES folks ran into probs too.

  4. Kim – so sorry about your flight. We’re all thinking about you. In fact, no one at the conference is having a good time at all because we miss you… OK, slight exageration, but stay in good spirits and we’ll take care of you once you’re here. And the weather’s lovely – simply perfect.

  5. As a Chicagoan, I have to apologize for the mess that is our air travel system. My wife flies frequently for work, and delays and cancellations have become the rule, not the exception. I heard on the radio this morning that things were clearing up, so I hope you got off the ground and can enjoy SES.

  6. I’m here!

    What an adventure. Not the most pleasant one but I’m here. I sat with another SES attendee on the plane and we hit it off. He got a rental car and drove me to my hotel, where I was dropped off and went directly to the SES Womens Lunch to catch the tail end of it. I was met with a salad and just the chance to sit and catch my breath with good friends.

    To my friend whom I met on the plane, you provided the best possible ending for an otherwise upsetting trip. Thank you SO much. (You know where to find me…)

    I’m checked in…my luggage arrived in San Jose yesterday and it was waiting for me when I got here.

    The weather did clear Dr. Pete and just as we were boarding, it began to rain again. But as soon as we cleared Chicago, the weather cooperated and the 4 hour flight was fine.

    My first time to California! :)

  7. Kim!
    I am so sorry your trip started
    out so badly. I would hate staying in a strange town by myself without my
    luggage! Glad you made is safely
    and hopefully are having fun at
    this point. Say hi to Rand and Li
    and Barry and Bill for me.

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