Blogs and Social Media: The Freedom of Voice

For those of you interested in some of the topics on blogs and journalism or the influence and study of social media behavior, here is lead I got to a blog post that digs into some of it. Weinberger NCF keynote: users take back power are Paul Gillin’s notes on a talk that sounds like it was fascinating and filled with food for thought.

The Web is a permission-free zone.

Marketing, business and media are all about fake, phony voices. Conversations are open and honest.

Blogs aren’t journalism. They’re blank pieces of paper. The fact that they’ve been judged in the context of journalism is because the media can’t get past itself.

Bloggers with just a few people linking to them are little knots of community. Every blogroll link is a little act of selflessness. The Web was built out of these little acts of generosity.

Hatip (thank you!) to Lipsticking for pointing me to Paul’s book, The New Influencers and thus, the Wienberger piece.

3 thoughts on “Blogs and Social Media: The Freedom of Voice”

  1. Interesting…this cracked me up:

    OK, so the internet opens up the avenue of mass communication to everyone. So you get the blogs, be they good, bad or indifferent. You also get sites like YouTube and MySpace that encourage your lame personal video contributions and pathetic searches for friendship. They do that because they’ve built their business models on the premise that you’re a total loser in complete denial of the fact. That, and you have this incredible need to share.

    We’ve been SHARING since the 1990′s. Web 2.0 offers a different medium for doing what we’ve been doing all these years.

    The communities are much larger, far less exclusive and access to them is now part of our culture.

    I’m glad many people are asking questions. Humans have never had such easy access to one another before. There’s bound to be some pain.

  2. I loved this:

    > Marketing, business and media are all about fake, phony voices. Conversations are open and honest.

    So … there’s never been any communication from marketing, business or the media that was true. And regular conversations have always been open and honest.

    And they know this how?

    Bias is as bias does.

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