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This is Not an Article and Therefore Is Not Worthy

I don’t envy Jakob Nielsen. Sometimes his Alertbox submissions drive everyone into a tizzy. Most of the time I don’t read them, not because I may sometimes disagree with his points, but more because I feel like he’s lecturing from a pulpit. Whenever he says, “Don’t do this thing”, my feedreader explodes with commentary from people who think he’s just invented seedless watermelons and must be worshipped.

The latest word from the throne is that blog writing is nowhere near as productive or worthwhile as article writing. There’s no ignoring the lure of a piece titled Write Articles, Not Blog Postings. The blog mob is going to come a callin’. Cre8asiteforums jumped right in there with a rollicking discussion called Slow Down And Write Great Articles – Jakob Nielsen.

Those who agreed with him were in the minority. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to agree or disagree with. The Nielsen article was long, rambling, had images I ignored, and I had trouble following it. One minute he’s talking about blogs and the next minute he’s discussing guidelines for web writing. Somehow blog writing doesn’t count if you have a web site about nuts?

This blog is not about nuts, so I guess I’m safe.

The Vacation Happy Dance

A week away with friends did much to clear my head. The motor home performed like a champ. Two years ago it broke down, leaving us stranded in Virginia on a 105 degree day with 4 kids and a dog and nobody willing to repair the RV. This trip was far better, and not just because I followed the RV in my car with two teenagers supplied with 5223 songs on the ipod. For nine hours the girls sang and we shared driving through the Pennsylvania mountains to Ohio.

We went to Ohio to watch fireworks at the SiteLogic Annual Fireworks gig. Which basically means Matt Bailey and his crazy friends like to make lots of noise on July 4th. We camped near the Bailey’s at a very cool campground that specializes in all things swimming and water fun related. After a few days there, with visits by Matt, his wife and kids, we packed up and relocated to Matt’s driveway and front lawn, where we lived for another several days.

It’s a strange thing, going from making friends with someone at conferences, to working with them, to living in their driveway.

My family decided it was the best vacation we’d had as a family in years. It even topped all the hops to the shore we manage to fit in every summer. The fireworks were fun but there was something else that I brought home with me that sits in my head so clearly I can reach out and grab the memory at will.

During the fireworks activities at Matt’s house, (he has lots of room and friends who seemed to know what they were doing), I noticed lightening bugs in the trees. It looked so amazing to see hundreds of tiny lights blinking on and off in the dark night, dancing higher and higher into the highest trees and swirling around in crazy directions.

The next night Matt took us for a walk into a section of a field where all you could see was trees to the left and right, lit up like Christmas trees, but it was all lightening bugs. The sky was filled with stars and as you looked from the sky downward into the trees, all you could see were hundreds of thousands of tiny white lights blinking on and off. It was far more breathtaking than any holiday decorations I’d ever seen and it was all nature powered.

Definitely not a sight I’ll ever forget.

Trying New Things

In the weeks to come I’ll be learning and trying new things. I have a list. It’s all over the place and not just about work either. Like I bought a two piece bathing suit to celebrate the first 20 pounds I’ve lost. When I lose the next 30, I may run around naked. Or not.

I joined Blogher. It’s part of my making peace with social media challenge.

I’m sure there will be other things I’ll do and maybe I’ll write about it.

The running around naked thing is something I may keep secret, though.


  1. iamlost's Gravatar iamlost
    July 10, 2007    

    ‘Those who agreed with him were in the minority’
    I remain, as always, unique, a decisive minority of one :)

    ‘This blog is not about nuts, so I guess I’m safe.’
    But the nuts do come to visit :)

    Kim and Jacob, sitting in a tree
    Preaching Usability…

    Glad you had a fun break. Always nice when things mechanical do not require the mechanic part.

    WonderWoman, Thelma and Louise, singalongs, fireworks and lightening bugs, guys in an RV, water, friends and fun…how American road trippy can you get?

    ‘The running around naked thing is something I may keep secret, though.’
    Too late. Already downloaded into my iFantasy. Currently selecting soundtrack :)

    Welcome back.
    Missed you.

  2. July 10, 2007    

    When I saw you agree with JN at Cre8, I went back to re-read it, figuring you’re smarter than me and I should pay attention.

    I missed you too. I have my “blog persons” that I’m attached too and you’re one of them :)

    Shall I wish you pleasant dreams? Heh.

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