I’ve Come to Have a Debate

If you’re bored, here are some interesting topics generating discussion:

Phocus, Phocus, Phocus – Was the creation of Sphinn a good strategic decision?

Why Usability is the Path to Failure

If usability is such a base level thing that everyone knows, how come so any people get it wrong? How come so many people have trouble using a site?

The Best Websites Are Useful And Ugly

I actually have a client who swears by having an ugly site helps them sell more – as it gives the appearance the products they sell online are extremely cheap.

Book Recommendation:

Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping

One thought on “I’ve Come to Have a Debate”

  1. That article “The Best Websites are Useful and Ugly” irritated me…

    The best websites are useful. Period. Ugly is a practically irrelevant point; if the website happens to be ugly, but is still useful – that’s great! But there’s absolutely NO reason that a useful site has to be ugly. It just has to have a design aesthetic which has actually considered something beyond whatever design mode is currently fashionable.

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