If My Name Tag Could Only Talk (The Ten Second Meme)

Would I jump in your lap, sweep you off the floor with my silly giggles or would you take one look at me and think, “Dear God. Put her back in the spaceship”.

I’m not attending the Blogher conference. Nor SES Travel Seattle, which is also this week. But, if I had money to blow, a wife at home, another me to do my work and did a better job planning ahead, I’d so totally be at both.

Blogher has this thing going on…You in Ten Seconds.

Hello. My name tag says “Kim Krause Berg, Cre8pc.com, UsabilityEffect.com and Cre8asiteforums.com”. Nobody will have time to read all that.

So here’s what I’d say, if I had the nerve, so you could know me in 10 seconds:

You’ll immediately note that I’m a woman. It’s hard denying it, even if I wanted to. I’m a usability consultant with ties to search engine marketing and software QA. I own a well-known forums, two blogs, write for more blogs and just bought a domain to start a new one. When I’m not supposed to be professional, I’m a mom, wife, lover, friend, kids’ taxi driver or I’m sleeping. One of them is definitely my favorite.


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