There’s Something More to Blogging

What brings people together isn’t always understood, but I’m starting to believe that when we’re touched deeply, there is a hook of some sort, even if we can’t label it. It’s something we feel but can’t always put into words.

What keeps us together, returning, or tied to each other may be something unique, confusing, private and unexplainable. The incentive to hold on can change, even on a whim. It’s this way with relationships of any kind.

It’s this way with blogs, forums, and anywhere people interact on the Internet. We’re hooking up with each other, but how we do it is all over the place. We’re even cruel, if that gets the job done.

How to Blog

All the advice you read about how to be a blogger conflicts. I can’t remember a time when I ever bought into any of it. This particular Blog reflects me as a business owner, consultant and professional person. It also let’s readers sit on my deck, relaxed and ready for off-topic stories. I always provide them here, mixed with something useful.

I sometimes wonder why people stop by. Have I hooked you somehow? Why do you return? Did I tick you off? Was something I said important and what I find most fascinating of all, did I connect in a way you can’t even understand yourself?

My posts are all over the place. Many are like this one. They come flying out of nowhere and you wonder what I’ve been smoking. I once told someone that though dead tired, I still had to write in my Blog. For him, it is work to post in his Blog because he targets clients. I target everybody, and that’s a huge risk.

When I need to express myself, I write because I have great trouble with verbalizing what’s in my heart and mind. Whenever I try, I convey big ideas at the level of a third grader with brilliant phrases such as “I have no idea”. It took awhile to get up the courage to put personal observations or thoughts here, of course. It’s always debatable whether or not I have something worthwhile to say, that anyone could relate to. Some readers just want a professional stream of straight news or information.

What Relationships Are We Developing Now With Blogs?

How blogs are used by journalists is a topic Tamar Weinberg wrote about in Does Social Media Have an Impact on Today’s Journalism? You Tell Me.

She feels that today’s journalism is directly effected by social media and blogs. It may be so, but if it is, I’m alarmed because facts don’t live in social media and blogs. Our opinions do. Our observations. Our reactions, biases and feelings live in the social Internet. How can you trust that a story originating from a Blog is written clearly, so that no misunderstandings can occur? How do you know what a Digg article claims is actual fact?

A Blog can post a breaking news story, with something more inside it that wouldn’t be permitted by traditional news media. Maybe we are making a mistake. Are we dumbing down the news by becoming sources for it?

We already know that articles aren’t always factual or correct. Bad information is spread by articles. It’s also found in forums, which is why expert moderators are needed to weed through the nonsense. Many articles are simply pointers lifted from something someone else wrote. Some of my best articles come from field work. The mistake is taking the information and calling it gospel, setting standards or guidelines by it and telling people to apply rules that for business requirements reasons should never be considered.

There’s something more going on and I’m not convinced we’re paying attention, so I pulled out a song.

There’s Something More Than This

I’m a huge fan of October Project. One song, Something More Than This , makes me cry every time I hear it because I relate to it on such an intense level. Here are some of the words and I’ll ruin the moment with some thoughts:

In the shadow cast as you were leaving
In the beauty of the ending day
There is always something to return to
Something you allow
To slip away

The “something you allow to slip away” punches me hard every time I hear it. It’s the emotional hook. That emotional hook separates some blogs or blog writers from others. There are readers who want to be moved or touched by us.

In the empty corners of the evening
In the vacant beauty of the wind
There is always something to remember
Something to remember
To begin

I tend to feel pain and usually start to grieve whenever this part is sung. It’s the recognition of something I can relate to, but I have no idea precisely what it is. Obviously not all blogs will give you a stomach ache or make you hyperventilate. However, a good one is one that you recognize yourself inside.

Whatever you fear
Whatever you hide
Whatever you carry deep inside
There’s something more than this

The first time I heard these words, I could no longer breathe. We do close ourselves off, don’t we? We’re not always open. Not free to be touched by someone or something new. We don’t believe in a “something more” because we refuse to give permission for that to happen. When a blogger connects with a reader, it can be an extraordinary experience. We don’t hear much about these moments, but I believe they exist because people are writing blogs.

Whatever you love
Whatever you give
Whatever you think you need to live
There’s something more than this

By this point, I’m in tears because I’m no longer here anymore. I’m at the experience it’s forcing me to remember or re-live. If you can do THAT with your Blog, you’ve taken this whole blogging thing to a new level.

In the shadow cast as you were leaving
In the beauty of the ending day
There is always something to believe in
As I watch you slip away

Maybe I’m more willing to go places with my heart. It’s pretty obvious I’ll take anyone with me who wants to come for the ride.

All I’m saying is there’s something more to blogging. Whatever it is, it won’t be accepted by the Blog Rules Police. It’s more than journalist breadcrumb trails, corporate showing off, an articles repository or a free instruction manual.

It’s how I’ll reach out for you.

3 thoughts on “There’s Something More to Blogging”

  1. Some people stand upon soap boxes, sit behind desks, busk on the corner, or lecture from lecterns while some like you hang with friends around the kitchen table sharing dreams over wine and offering support with the coffee.

    Personally I’m all in favour of women with conversation who sniffle to sentimental songs. Makes me seem mucho macho in comparison. Thanks for the testosterone.

    I see blogs as an efficient method for ‘quick breaking’ news release and for editorial opinion. Not the best format for traditional journalism requiring extensive writing widely referenced well researched.

    Unfortunately MSM is shedding journalists like a dog shedding water while acquiring bloggarts like a dog gets fleas. Bloggarts being cheaper than journalists. Sad really to see the mighty become puny, deliberately.

    ‘I’ll take anyone with me who wants to come for the ride.’
    The KKB Usability Express, loading now at platform CRE8, bound for LeftBrain, RightBrain, and EmotionCentral. All Aboard!

    ‘It’s how I’ll reach out for you.’
    Ooh, that tickles :)

  2. iamlost, you’re a good friend. I mean that. You’re never afraid to take flight with me and when I do manage to come back to Earth, you accept that too. :)

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