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Zeldman and VW Bug Memories

I can relate to two things this weekend. First, Jeffrey Zeldman celebrates 12 years on the web. Congratulations Zeldman. You’ve always been a constant inspiration and source for web development industry information delivered with great class and an amazing ability to say volumes with few words. He writes,

The web found me and claimed me. Everything else followed. Maybe you feel that way, too.

I do.

Secondly, I learned that a friend not only loves classic VW Beetles, but has one of his own and a hobby blog called The Classic Beetle. Funny thing is, I knew from talking to Matt Bailey a few months ago that he had a car hobby site. But I didn’t connect with the subject. Had I been paying attention, I would have wanted to know much more. I’ve driven and been raised with 60’s and 70’s Beetles and there’s never been a funner car to drive. Having been in many expensive sports cars and hot numbers including my Pontiac Trans Am phase in the 1980’s, nothing has ever stood out more than the Beetles.

Matt is at the Midwest Motorworks VW FunFest this weekend. He has no idea how envious I am.

Well, I guess he will now.

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