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SEO’s Imagine Marketing Life Without Search Engines

The rumors that “SEO is Dead” prompted Jake Lowrey of OffSiteOptimization to interview SEO’s about life without search engines and the future of search marketing. The series starts off with answers to his questions from me, an SEO escape artist.

No Search Engines? Kim Krause Berg Says, ‘Go Local’ delves into my take on the topic.

Here’s a quick snippet from the article:

“Over the next year or two Kim would like to see the industry strive for more excellence and professionalism.

‘SEO/M is a vital part of the web design and marketing food chain,’ she said, adding that sometimes it appears as though that is not taken seriously.

‘The SEO industry is still viewed as a bunch of wild, free-spirited folks who like nothing better than competing and playing head games with data and rank,” she said. “What isn’t communicated well, yet, is how smart these people are and how valuable the experienced ones are to a company that wants to be found quickly in search engines.'”

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