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Mike Grehan let her rip at Clickz with SEO Is Dead. Long Live, er, the Other SEO by praising Google’s Universal Search. He tops it off by offering reasons for no longer needing the services of “SEO geeks”.

His point is that it no longer is enough to fluff up pages organically and hope they’ll grow big and tall in search engine gardens. Universal search offers up images, books, links to maps, business directories and videos mixed into certain search results, rather than split off as sub-paths. This makes alternative routes to the bottom line interesting because there are more options, in one place. The challenge now is to optimize those options and learn to use them to attract clicks, communicate brand and sell your story.

You can either fiddle with source code, or videotape a product in use and pop it into a social media site that features videos. Add text that explains the video, so that search engines and people will find it, view it and most vital of all – WANT it NOW.

There’s been a long time disconnect between marketing to search engines and marketing to people, which some of us on the usability/accessibility side have never understood. We know that nobody simply walks up to a search engine to buy something. They need a damn good reason and it blows our minds why that part plays second fiddle to some search marketing companies. Searchers need to know their time is not going to be wasted by false rank and nonsense landing pages.

If your product makes people look younger, prove it. You now have more ways available to you to do that and Google’s Universal Search offers advertising options that go beyond title tag tweaking and links purchasing.

Mike writes,

We just moved one step forward in search, and it deserves a fresh description given by real marketers.

Persuasive Search Marketing.

Seductive Search.


Mike Grehan will be in Toronto for this week’s Search Engine Strategies conference looking for the usability panel.

Ha ha.

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