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How to Make AJAX Techniques Safe for Search Engines

As an occasional Search Engine Strategies Conference Reporter for SearchEngineRoundTable , I can choose the topics I want to cover. I purposely combine topics I know something about, such as SEO and Usability, with areas I have no skills or knowledge about. This keeps me learning while I’m working.

In New York last April, I chose AJAX and SEO because it was new to me. Far too new, frankly. I did my best to cover CSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 & Search Engines for the blog, but didn’t do it justice. Much of that could be attributed to what I later realized was a presentation designed for attendees who are already developing with AJAX.

Fortunately I came away from that session intrigued and have kept my eyes out for good sources of information someone at my level might understand.

Rich McIver, from SoftwareDeveloper.com, came through by sending me a heads up for How to: Get Google and AJAX to Play Nice: The best ways to incorporate the benefits of AJAX without making your site blind to search engines.

From the first page:

AJAX allows you to incorporate a lot of innovative site design characteristics. Some designers take the AJAX craze too far, however, by incorporating AJAX to a degree that it hurts their site’s usability and accessibility.

As I read along, I had in mind the recent discussions at Cre8asiteforums on WCAG Samurai Errata for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0.

Now, I have even more questions related to AJAX and Accessibility.

The article provides brief information on sitemaps, noscript, Hijax and links to White Papers on the topic for further help.

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