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High Rankings Offers Free Seats to Denver Seminar

This month marks the next stop in the long running High Rankings Search Engine Marketing Seminars, as they set up in Denver, Colorado for a 2-day comprehensive study of organic search engine optimization and marketing techniques, June 28 – 29.

Geared towards small and medium businesses in a more intimate setting, the talks and workshops cover keyword research, design issues, copywriting, link popularity, and more. The Denver seminar introduces the popular Jennifer Laycock, for her debut with High Rankings, as she speaks on social media marketing.

In addition, Mike Churchill is presenting the topic of web analytics, substituting for Matt Bailey. Some of you may be familiar with his wife, Christine, who is also presenting at the seminar.

Two seats are being offered, at no charge, to non-profit organizations. You’re invited to submit information to the High Rankings team by June 15. The two chosen non-profits will be provided with their passes by June 20.

Jill Whalen and her team of speakers are approachable, lively, funny and expertly deliver information, techniques, examples and even an entire workbook for attendees to take home containing everything they’ve heard in the talks. The second day workshops are perfect for hands on work and applying what’s being taught to your own web site. There’s no waiting to get home! Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of their time to get as much help as possible for their websites, directly from experienced presenters.

There’s still time to register and use your code word, “CRE8PC” to obtain a 25% discount off the total fee.

Read everything you need to know about the High Rankings Search Engine Marketing Seminar or catch my Bringing Search Engine Marketing to Your Business Doorstep: Jill and Pauline on SEMNE interview. Read an inside testimonial of What a High Rankings Search Engine Marketing Seminar is Really Like for more details on the seminar experience.

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