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Search Engine Watch Hosts Day Long Event in Ohio

Columbus, Ohio hosted a one day event on May 9 for search engine marketers in the midwestern region of the United States called Search Engine Watch Live! Columbus. Sessions covered social media, organic optimization and paid search.

A separate morning training session by Matt Bailey and Jennifer Laycock on Social Media: The Good, The Bad and the Clueless was also offered.

Smaller conferences are growing in popularity. As their availability increases, so do opportunties for individuals to get to them. Networking is easier in manageable numbers. For some, the chance to meet industry speakers in person is part of the appeal. Webpronews began to run some interviews from Ohio as early as late last night.

To begin with, a video interview featuring Elizabeth Osmeloski, Editor of Search Engine Watch, discusses The Future of SEW. When asked why SEW offers smaller one or two day events, she explains that this provides the opportunity for people to experience what one of the major Search Engine Strategies conferences are like. Since they’re held several times a year, usually in the same locations, the shorter events are more accessible due to the increase in locations where they’re hosted. They also tend to be less expensive. In addition, she points out, they allow SEW to focus on hot topics much faster.

Another popular speaker, known for his speaking skills and humor at the podium, is Matt Bailey, President of Site Logic. His video interview is on Social Media and how companies can leverage certain social sites in their marketing campaigns. One example is how users of YouTube film themselves using products and post it online.

He also touches on analyzing data, a subject dear to his heart. One area Matt stresses is “segmenting” your data to get the “bigger picture“. He says it’s the “core of analyzation“, describing the value of comparing different types of traffic such as who comes to your site and what they expect to find when they get there.

As the formats and venues change for conferences, so do the possibilities for creative ideas. The next SEW conference will be held later this month in China and includes a tour.

The next smaller SEW event is in Toronto, Canada and features Seth Godin as Keynote Speaker and Miami, Florida hosts a 2 day event called 2nd 2nd Annual SES Latino Conference and Expo.

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  1. May 10, 2007    

    Too bad, I live in Columbus, but didn’t hear anything about the event. I would have liked to go.

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