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I Wish I Was More Serious About Not Being Serious

Blogs must have taken a step into another dimension. Have you noticed this? They’ve been used to communicate different things in various formats, with each new experiment taking the blog consciousness into even deeper levels. Like as if we bloggers are all meditating together and in unison, rise up together to embrace a new way of getting inside the soul of our neighbor.

In other words, we’re getting nosy.

The latest fun and games, hot on the heels of link bait, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the online equivalent of flirting, are memes. Those are the “Why I do this thing I do” posts that tag folks at the end, so that they have a chance to admit that they also do that thing, or something else or never would touch that thing with a ten foot pole.

Barry Schwartz tagged me for one of those things. He decided to discuss Things I Wish I Would Be More Serious About, and felt I’d have a “colorful response”. Actually, I did, but we can’t type it here. (Just kidding.)

This topic has me in complete turmoil.

Barry writes,

There are things that I wish I was more serious about. Well, maybe not “serious” but “devoted to” or “scheduled to” to do on a daily basis.

I’m seriously hung up on the word “serious”. Why? Well, you see, there are these tiny frown marks between my eyebrows that got there because I’m so serious. I used to have a fiancé who would walk up to me, place two fingers on my face and try to spread the skin apart between the eyebrows to help erase the frown. (Picture the Spock greeting and you’ll get the idea.)

I discovered much later that anti-aging cream does the same thing .

You may not think I’m ever serious. I think I am. I’m grumpy as crap in the morning, which in my mind, is serious. The good news is that I come alive around 3pm and if you need someone to stay up gabbing with, I’m your gal. Except I’m usually working, because I’m most creative at night. If I could be devoted, or perhaps more disciplined is the better word, I would wake up every day and be happy morning came.

One of life’s mysteries is the one where people keep begging me to get drunk.

This has happened on family vacations and search engine marketing conferences. I don’t understand the appeal of seeing me snookered. Obviously, it’s a shock to meet boring me. And when I tell people I once ended up in a walking cast for 9 weeks because I fell off a bar while dancing the Charleston with a customer, nobody ever believes me.

I Wish I Was More Serious About

Getting back to Barry’s dedication, discipline, take things seriously, give a hoot topic, I confess that when I’m not being so freaking serious, I need to be more serious about:

1. Making money. I give away many things, including my time.

2. Reversing the age process. I’m about to hit a number that’s one number away from being a scary number. It’s not funny.

3. Breast reduction. If you need to ask, you’ve never seen my Webpronews videos.

4. Writing. I’m not very good at it, according to someone who posted a comment saying so at another blog. Remember, we bloggers hold onto every negative comment and let it outweigh all the encouraging ones. I would love to not be so sensitive, but guess what. Really. Guess what?

5. Finding my Center. This is, for those who really know me well, what I value the most. I’m not happy unless I love. It’s a basic truth and terribly complicated to explain but sometimes I can tell the instant people understand this about me.

It also frees me to laugh my head off and be “wifty”, which is what I’m called at home.

Remember that fiancé who tried to smooth out my frown wrinkles?

He now owns a massage school in New Jersey.


Wanna be tagged? I choose EVERYBODY at Cre8asiteforums who has a blog and ran out of ideas to write about. What do you wish you were more serious about, devoted to, or disciplined to do every day?


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  1. May 9, 2007    

    Thanks so much Kim. I appreciate it.

  2. May 9, 2007    

    Anytime Barry :)

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