Celebrating Sexy Women Nerds

I stopped by my friend Sophie Wegat’s blog to check on my buddy and saw she had taken the Nerd Test. I decided to try it too. Sexy women nerds are so hot, right?

Turns out I’m just enough nerd to be able to handle myself in public and not sound too stupid. According to the test results, I’m nerdier than half of the test takers so far.

I kinda like the “Lightly Nerdy” label.

It’s sorta like ice cream with a light dash of hot fudge on the top. Just enough to make an impression but not overwhelm the whole dessert.

Added>> My dear Australian buddy Mike has found these Header Earrings for tech women. I’ve typed 3 sentences of witty comments on this, but deleted them all. Click at your own risk.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Sexy Women Nerds

  1. Hehe glad you stopped by Kim. Us sexy nerds have to stick together. BTW I think Pierre tagged you on the nerd meme, as well as me.

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