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Step By Step PHP for Search Engine Marketers

At long last, my copy of Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A Developers Guide to SEO, has arrived. Written by Jaimie Sirovich and Christian Darie, I looked forward to its arrival because I consulted on the usability parts.

When I first met Jaimie two years ago, we sat together during a session on some aspect of search engines, and I was impressed with his programming knowledge. He’s passionate and curious. I got to see a site search engine he developed for a niche site and was blown away by what it could do. For those reasons, I had no doubt any book adventure would be a success.

The book has 16 chapters, and is packed with code, examples, illustrations, and even a case study. Its perfect for programmers, but what works for me, in particular, is that while I am not a PHP programmer, I work with sites that are PHP-based. The more I understand, the better off I am. This book is written so that even Kim can use it.

There’s a section on creating a search engine optimized blog with WordPress. There’s a “site clinic” that presents certain known problems developers might face, and how to solve them. Also covered are cloaking, IP delivery, a shopping cart case study, links, “black hat” SEO (understanding techniques and not “getting caught with your pants down”), social bookmarking, duplicate content and much more.

Editing this book must have been a nightmare. Its pages are filled with step by step instructions and code. This is stuff you don’t want the printer to mess up.

Finally, I respect the authors for including usability and accessibility in the book. However briefly (don’t you just love book editors!), they manage to insert the promise that usability and SEO don’t “clash”. As they wrote, “‘User optimization’ must not be forgotten.”

The paperback book sells retail for $39.99 US, but Amazon offers it for much less, for those who want it now: Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A Developer’s Guide to SEO.

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