5 thoughts on “SEO Must Be Dead

  1. No, it’s not that SEO is dead.

    It’s that SEO contests are dead.

    They are lame, last year, and in the end prove very little about anything that wasn’t already pretty much well known before the contest began.

    Frankly, they’re boring. Let them die a natural death, like pixel advertising and cloud tag links.

  2. For established gurus and experts, sure. But some folks are interested in the next generation of SEO/M’s, and this is one way of getting to know them. Over $10,000 in prizes and cash is nothing to sneeze at either.

    How is this different than scholarships and grants offered by industries, companies and organizations? Educational scholarships are usually based on proven interest or talent, for example.

  3. …and this isn’t one of those contests where you must rank first for a nonsense keyword such as splibedysplob. It’s actually based on the writing and the ideas, well ok, the process of getting to the final is based on unique visitors to the page, but beyond that…

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