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No Badge of Conduct Here

I didn’t follow rules that well when I was growing up. I had my own code. I still don’t follow rules that well, especially when I think they are unfair or stifle my independence.

Some rules and laws are designed with the intent of lumping groups of people together into single mindsets, to funnel them into one agreed upon prescribed end result behavior. There is no wiggle room for exceptions or varying conditions. When I come up against these circumstances, my radical streak takes over.

Certain things aren’t acceptable to me, so I avoid them or find ways to not associate with them. Violence and human cruelty are two conditions I’m not comfortable with it. People who know me also know this about me. If blood and gore is their thing, they know Kim is a wimp and they don’t bother with me, or if they happen to be my two sons, I get picked on. (They love war movies, war games, shows about gross things, eating gross things, and medical shows with lots of blood and missing body parts.)

My readers have had time to get to know me. It doesn’t take long to know what you’ll find here. They learn to trust me. They also know this is a gentle place. Raw and wicked stuff doesn’t happen here. I’d never approve a comment that involves personal attacks on someone. It would be totally unexpected to find crude comments here. Why? I care about the folks who read this blog.

Some of them are my family, my kids, my neighbors, parents of my kids’ friends who are curious about what I do for a living, potential business clients, forums members, friends and you, the soul who dropped by today.

There will be no Code of Conduct policy here, or a badge to show compliance, because I’ve always had a “code” in my head, that works for me.

I want the right to learn my own lessons. I’ll do my best to uphold my own personal code of ethics and integrity and try to get along with my readers.

I need to do this my way.

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