My Meme Made Me

Meme’s that involve tagging remind me of gym class. If you weren’t picked early for a team, it was embarrassing. If you were one of the persons left still standing that nobody wanted, it feels awful. I was chosen by the awesome Dazzlin’ Donna and am proud to be on her team.

I throw like a girl, though. Sorry ’bout that.

Five Reasons Why I Blog

1. I started this blog in 2002, to cover SEO news. It’s evolved over time to whatever it is now. Other sites handle just news. I write for one of them.

2. My journalism professor once told me that I would never be a proper journalist because I was too “creative” and had trouble with just plain, disciplined news reporting. He said I would someday need to make a choice between journalism and creative writing.

3. I did.

4. He knew I would choose this way, because I wrote a well researched piece on the history of sex for the college newspaper that was hilarious and followed it up with an attack on laws against women’s birth control rights. My best writing came when I wrote about things I care about.

5. The sex part is still something I care about, but it never seemed to fit into a blog on SEO and Usability. I blog because it feels good to write. I’ve always written. It’s what I do.


Christine Churchill
Michael Motherwell
Peter DaVanzo
Diane Vigil
Lorelle VanFossen

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