Why We Need to Make Changes to Our Websites: Kim Krause Berg Interview

Once again, I was spotted and nabbed for a quick video interview by Webpronews’s Mike McDonald. Mike says he doesn’t watch himself on film; sorta like how actors love to do the work but refuse to view the final product. I can so relate to this.

Ours was the first interview in the morning of the last day of Search Engine Strategies NYC held in April 2007.

I look tired and it may be time to re-tell my famous “breasts on the bathroom scale” story again. Or, just listen to the interview and feel inspired. You decide.

The theme is usability but it’s not heavy or long. As always, sneaking a bit of usability into a conference on search engine marketing is something I’m grateful for. He also asked me about my other home, Cre8asiteforums. My thanks to the folks at Webpronews for thinking of me.

View the interview with Kim Krause Berg here.

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