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This is Grumpy Week

What a weird week this is. There is something to complain about around every corner. I’m having a hell of a week myself but didn’t want to steal SEOMoz.org’s Rand Fishkin’s Seven Short, Out-Of-Character Rants thunder, or add my own to his, because every other word out of my mouth is not in the dictionary.

I was so determined to not use the word “rant” or “complain” or “bitch” in my post title, that I grabbed my trusty Thesaurus to find a better word, only to discover that “bitch” is a word for “complain”. Does that make it acceptable for my blog?

If I used it, would someone object? Heck yes.

So. Here is my list and please don’t laugh.

1. It’s almost springtime and once again, we got snow in March. We ran out of usable wood for the woodstove in my office two weeks ago. The previous owner never installed heat on this floor, so there’s a beautiful wood stove that I use, and it creates a real cozy environment, when we have wood. Eric has been chopping some of the gihungus pieces into smaller ones for me, but we ran out of that on Sunday. Now we buy bags of wood at ridiculous prices from the local WaWa (convenience store) so I don’t freeze to death. (Yes. We’ll buy a truckload of wood for next winter.)

2. I can work upstairs with my laptop, where its warmer, but I can’t test sites from there. I can, technically, but I have to dial into my test computer from upstairs to downstairs and it slows things down. And, when I’m out of the office, EVERYBODY thinks Mom is open for business.

3. Registerfly. See Rearranging Deck Chairs on the SS Registerfly. Everyone who has domains with Registerfly needs to know that they have literally frozen everything, so that nothing can be transferred out. I was only able to move 4 of mine that were with Registerfly, to Enom, where the rest of mine are located. I have many more at Registerfly that I am denied access to, other than possibly renewals. And why would I want to do that after the way they have handled business?

4. There is a lesson to be learned about putting up polls and surveys. They may be just linkbait nowadays and with the glory days of social media in full swing, credibility and polls just went out the window. First, Andy Beal’s MarketingPilgrim hosted the Favorite SEO Godmother poll. It didn’t take long for fans of certain women to start campaigns to get more votes. But, when Jeremy Shoemaker put in a word or two on behalf of Jennifer Slegg, it was all over after that. (Note: It looks like a lot of the comments are missing from that blog post, so you can no longer see the drama.)

Now, Lee Odden accidently neglected to add Cre8asiteforums to his favorite forums poll. That was big mistake. Never make loyal forum goers angry, as evidenced in Reader Poll: Best Forums for Search Marketing Tips. Some folks are now at Lee’s poll protesting the proceedings. I feel badly for Lee, as he didn’t intend to forget naming any particular forums. However, when putting up polls, etc., omissions do occur and it can be nasty!

Not Grumpy Stuff

I’d like to send kudos to Li Evans on her Women of Internet Marketing series. She’s put a great deal of effort into it and it’s become a regular every Wednesday read now.

Speaking of women, today is International Womens Day. “Annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements.” Thanks to Jim Hedger for his writeup on
International Women’s Day – Women in Search Marketing

I will be reporting on sessions for SearchEngineRoundtable again, for Barry Schwartz (aka “Rustybrick”), Wednesday through Friday during the SES New York in April. I will be joined by a great team of people. It’s hard work but also very fun. I’ll be reporting on the usability sessions, of course, and others.

The new Social Media and Tagging forum at Cre8asiteforums has been a blast. Moderated by Chris Winfield (aka “skore”) and Liana Evans (aka “storyspinner”), the conversations are all over the place and always educational. I wanted to open my mind more to Social Media and this new forum has been just the place to do that.

Speaking of Chris Winfield, he Dugg my post on why Marketing “hates” usability and the experience, so far, has been a lot more tolerable. Not only that, this time its one of my posts that gets talked about (ranted, bitched, complained, picked on, attacked) this time. I laughed my head off at the comment where usability has nothing to do with SEO because SEO is just about search engines.

Who in the hell uses search engines? Little green people from Mars?

The above belongs in the Grumpy section, doesn’t it.


  1. March 8, 2007    

    Hey Kim,

    I believe the rest of the “Godmother of Search” drama you’re referring to is in the comments to this post:

    I don’t know if that will make you more grumpy or less, but I hope for less!


  2. March 8, 2007    

    There they are! Thanks Jordan. I knew I had read the drama before, and once again, needed proof I didn’t just imagine it or something. Kudos on the amazing job you’re doing at MP while Andy is off, btw :)

  3. March 8, 2007    

    Kim, just stopping through to say “hello”. Even when you’re slightly grumpy we love you. :) Can’t wait to bump into you at next month’s SES!

    And Jordan, if you’re checking in, Susan and I second Kim’s comment about what a stellar job you’re doing while Andy’s been away. You’re a breath of fresh of air over there at MP! We love it!

  4. March 8, 2007    

    Gasp! Kim AND The Lisa AND Susan?! *faints again*

    Okay, I didn’t really faint, but I did tear-up a bit.

    Thank you, ladies!!

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