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Nothing Makes Any Sense Week

Earlier I had written about “Grumpy Week”. Now, it’s Nothing Makes Any Sense Week. Where to begin?

1. I received this email:

I was looking for laser eye surgery online for my clients when I came accross your web site that I’m reviewing right now. Based on what I see here, you look like a good fit for my group. I’m looking to make an exclusive arrangement with one laser eye surgery doctor in your area today.

My job is to show my clients a relevant web site when they are searching for an laser eye surgery. Your web site looks like a strong fit.


[Update – Found the part about the email above was reposted on a laser eye surgery scraper site. The bots look for the words to match, not the actual meaning or intent of a piece.]

2. See if you can follow this one.

First, when SearchEngineLand launched, they linked to Cre8asiteforums in its blogroll and life was good. However, I noticed a lot of my friends’ blogs were also listed, so I dropped an email, in total fear, asking if this one could be added. I mean, it covers the SEO/M industry, right? I felt it was a fit, else I wouldn’t have bothered. So, it was added, but it was mis-labled as “Cre8asite Usability Blog”. Kinda surprising they’d even permit the word “usability” there, but they did.

However, that’s not the name of this blog. I waited to see if anyone there would catch the mistake but since nobody did, I emailed this, in total fear:

I wasn’t sure whom to address this to, and I apologize. I wonder if I
could suggest a fix for the blogroll, regarding Cre8asiteforums and my blog?

Presently, it lists:

Cre8aSite Forums
Cre8aSite Usability Blog

Actually, the forums has its own blog (not listed), and mine is separate.
The accurate info is as follows:

Cre8asiteforums (http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/index.php)

Cre8tive Flow (http://blog.cre8asite.net/) – This is the blog for Cre8asiteforums.

Cre8pc SEO and Usability (/blog/index.php)- This is
my blog.

Thanks for considering this fix.
Warm regards,

Firstly, my request was sent to someone with a nice note about making repairs. This was followed up with another email that said, “OK, I’ve changed the usability blog now to point at the forum blog.”

So now the forums and the forums’ blog are listed, but this blog is gone all together.

I was willing to be brave and just accept my losses, when I saw this from Bill Slawski’s Positive and Negative Quality Ranking Factors from Google’s Blog Search (Patent Application). In it, he states that one of the positive indicators of blog quality is:

Existence of the blog in high quality blogrolls

‘A high quality blogroll is a blogroll that links to well-known or trusted bloggers. Therefore, a high quality blogroll that also links to the blog document is a positive indicator of the quality of the blog document.’

This is also based upon the assumption that a well-known or trusted blogger would not link to a “spamming blogger.”

I’m so sad.

3. Brian Thibault writes, in Usability & Domain Names, “Having a domain which is not easy to spell. If your site should ever get featured on radio or TV, you want viewers to be able to easily type it into a browser after hearing it. Otherwise you’re going to lose a percentage of them.”

There’s always someone, from the usability or SEO industries, that writes about domain names and the right ones to pick. While technically they are correct, it torments someone like me, who has had the same domain since 1996…LONG before search engines and usability killed off creativity.

4. Forum Admin life. I often wish I could tell you the tales of what running a large forums is like, but some things aren’t meant to be made fun of. It’s a management job for no pay, which is why it’s on this list today. Working for no pay is completely insane. To make matters worse, I saw a local job in usability testing advertised for a company close to my house, for an enormous salary.

If I disappear suddenly, you’ll know why.

5. April Fools Day is around the corner. Don’t think we, at Cre8asiteforums, are letting it go by quietly. We never do. Any rumors that we are for sale, again, are simply not true. We did that one already, and the horrified emails we got were real.

You all believe everything you hear?


  1. March 21, 2007    


    Bad timing for this post. Danny is off his feeds this week. So he probably wont see it.

  2. March 21, 2007    

    “My job is to show my clients a relevant web site when they are searching for an laser eye surgery. Your web site looks like a strong fit.”

    If they’re talking about Cre8pc.com, then it sounds like they really do need laser eye surgery.

  3. March 21, 2007    

    Barry, oh well. I don’t have the nerve to ask again :(

    Tamar, yep. As far as I could tell, it was for the Cre8pc domain, but even if it was for my other sites, it’s still funny. :)

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