In Honor of Kathy Sierra, I Will Hug a Tree

This week the top news in the blogosphere is the “death of print” and death threats against a blogger.

As a fellow blogger and woman, I wish to add my voice to the outcry against those who find it necessary to threaten and abuse people online. Negativity launches an energy that quickly grows out of control, so that even a victim becomes the evil they are trying to shield themselves from. I know this from my own personal experiences.

Therefore, I will not permit the enormous amount of spam that hits this blog, and slips past the filters to be moderated, to upset me another day. I am turning my blog comments “off” for awhile. I will miss my friends, but between this blog and Cre8asiteforums, it’s growing harder and harder to stomach what I’m forced to see everyday.

Instead, I will seek sanctity from a tree, because from that one tree, I will find peace, strength, unwavering purity of spirit and forgiveness, which the World Wide Web can not provide.