Blogging Stagefright

I’m too scared to post to my blog today. I’ve been reading other blogs and apparently, there are so many rules for making a good, (but-they-don’t-exist), “A-list” blog, or even a blog worth adding to RSS feeds, that I’m completely frozen in fear. If I make one single mistake here, I risk losing readers.

Sigh. Okay. I’m pretending you all are naked….now, I can continue.

What’s happening here?

There’s a growing backlash against Web 2.0? There’s a rush to rollout automated web sites that regurgitate content from other people’s efforts, with a mix of back-end technology that makes the front-end appear “original”. However, at the same time, a small but growing number of website visitors are retreating in disgust.

Zeldman made some interesting observations in Independent content is the new web app. He writes,

What is the trend? First, big companies (excluding AOL) ignored the web. Then they hired professionals who didn’t understand the web to design their sites and other professionals who didn’t understand the web to create their content. Last year, or maybe two years ago, these companies began hiring smart, experienced web designers who understand usability and web standards. Now they are hiring smart, experienced web content creators. Web 1.0 is the new Web 2.0. Long live Web 3.0.

I wrote about the grumblings in Fed Up With Dumb Search Marketing Tactics and Web 2.0. The discussion that followed is surprising because it hit a nerve.

If one tenth of the scheming done was applied to content creation, the web would be completely different.

I can’t recall ever seeing a pendulum swing back so fast.

You can put on your clothes now.

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