Social Media Marketing and My Couch

Once a upon a time there were 6000 search engines that were free, you submitted pages to them, you could battle for rank by tweaking meta descriptions and title tags, hit refresh, toast your triumph and call it a day.

While I’m no longer officially an SEO anymore, somehow I remain plastered to the walls of the industry by way of the fact that I partner with Search Engine Marketing companies, write for the SearchEngine RoundTable and founded a Cre8asiteforums that covers SEO/M. So why do I care so much about social media now?

Firstly, seeing 100,000 visitors come to this blog in one weekend was an eye opening shock. You should all experience it. It raised many questions and it’s been fun to see the trickle down effect since then. To this day, that weekend traffic bonanza lives somewhere in Digg because the folks there still find the little post I wrote and still come in search of the website I wrote about.

Some of them decided to link to this one permanently, but not enough to change my Technorati position, for example. I remain locked into B-List blogger territory. A gained some new feed subscibers…about 70, I estimate. I didn’t sell a freaking thing but my experience has been blogged out, so more people know my name. This blog performed well in search engines already, so I noticed no change, but for new sites interested in SMO (social media optimization), this would be a point of measurement.

I’m STILL in the minority when it comes to the love affair with social media. I feel like I’m living in the Home For Aging SEO’s, curled up in the TV room knitting booties or scarves for my moderating team – several of whom are gangbuster ga ga over social media.

So, rather than get stuck on a viewpoint, I decided the hip thing to do is give Social Media and Tagging a couch in the Cre8asiteforums Big Room. I asked two SM friends, Chris Winfield and Liana Evans to host and moderate discussions there, and I invite everyone in the SMO business to come teach us.

Today I got sucked into the But Is The Traffic Any Good? discussion. I sound like Grama Krause Berg there.

Please come and teach us new tricks.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing and My Couch”

  1. Nothing wrong with having a “wait and see” attitude about social media, I have never been “dugg”. There is also no MyBlogLog in my sidebar either. Maybe I am foolish…but who knows.

    You are not alone Kim. ;)

  2. Good timing on this one Kim. I am writing a couple of dissertations this year and need to open my eyes up a little to social media for them.

    Guess I can count on your forums now for some good input. Plenty of faith in this taking off.

  3. I have to admit I’ve also been slow to adopt some of these radical 2.0 traditions. My site design is still in the “yahoo 1996″ stage (see It is probably good to let the dust settle and see what people gravitate toward.

  4. Social media provides a great way to get your message in front of people. What they do after they have experienced it is mostly up to you.

    I hear a lot of people saying Social Media is no good. Mostly because they are using it incorrectly.

    It’s like giving someone a rifle to hunt with and they only use it as a fishing pole.

    A lot of SEO is about analytics and following specific checklists. Creating content that goes viral on the social networks is a bit more creative. Not all old skool SEOs can make the leap, but they can always hire someone who can.

    The evidence is out there.

  5. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, the new forum on SM at Cre8asiteforums is fascinating. There is debate and constructive discussion. No need to register to read it :)

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