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National Pork Board Approves New Shirt for Breast Milk FundRaising

This past weekend proved to be productive between Jennifer Laycock, search engine marketer and owner of the The Lactivist Breastfeeding blog and the National Pork Board, who had ordered her to remove a shirt used to raise funds for an Ohio breastmilk bank.

She has been offered a new, approved slogan – “The Original White Milk”.

But more importantly, the response she got from the Pork Board fit what I had hinted at earlier in another post covering this. I felt that the members of the Board, upon learning of this lawsuit, would not agree with the message. It seemed illogical to think this large group would object to breastfeeding or any association with it. Trademark issues could be resolved, but public wrath is another matter.

The good news is that Jen is satisfied, thankful and pleased to report resolution on this matter. Even better, the Pork Industry membership has chosen to donate funds for the cause that Jennifer sells the t-shirts for. Their contributions will help with the “desperately needed refrigeration units that the milk bank had been struggling to purchase.”

I’m also pleased the title I wrote for my blog post at the SearchEngineRoundtable, where I also reported this, turned out to be a favorite. (Search Engine Industry Blogger, Jennifer Laycock, Ordered to Remove Her Shirt)

It’s good to know that Jen has a sense of humor, and that the Pork Board CEO took measures to turn this around to create an agreeable outcome both sides can feel proud of.

Full story on the outcome: Well Done, Pork

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