Accessibility Enhancements

In case you were bored and looking for something to do this weekend, here are some excellent blog posts that came out this week on accessibility. They are “how-to” oriented, not too technical and perfect learning experiences.

The first are written by Joe Dolson.

Designing With Accessibility In Mind. This one has code examples. (Okay, this one wasn’t written this week, but it’s too good to ignore.)

Creating Accessible Navigation.

The principle behind accessible navigation is about providing access to content – not necessarily about creating a menu which can be used by people with disabilities. It’s critical to provide access to your content – but not to make a visually impaired visitor use the same method to get there as a sighted user.

The next one is by Mads Kristensen.

Making Accessible Menus In HTML. This one also contains snippets of code.

Lastly, I leave you with an inspirational piece by Matt Bailey, called Accessibility Testing Labs

I had the privilege of attending accessibility testing for an enterprise-level software application and found some interesting issues that are not typical to many projects. Actual user testing is strange like that – dealing with humans brings out all of the random factors.

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