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Everywhere I Go, There’s Always Something To Remind Me

I’m back! The surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee on Monday went very well. I’m not in any pain (unless I do something dumb like make the knee do something it’s not ready for yet.) Recovery has been annoying only due to the side effects of medications, but on the other hand, my dreamstate has been awesome.

Once I dreamt I was running with a large wolf. Eric says that must have some symbolic meaning to it. I didn’t dream during surgery. The last thing I heard was “take deep breaths and let the medicine relax you” and the next second, “You’re in recovery. On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your pain?”

It’s like walking into a shopping mall and you’re assualted with one of those consumer survey takers who want to interrupt your visit with a bunch of questions. You arrive, visualizing all the cool things you might buy and someone wants to know how you rate Tide and demands to know how many shampoo products are in your shower.

My pain never went past a 6 and that didn’t last long. Wheeled into my “room” after being stablized in recovery, my husband and son kept me company for the next hour or so, until I was steady enough to be in a car to go home.

The Web Is On TV

All during this week I was weak and fatigued, so the TV was all I could focus on for the first few days. This is when I noticed that commercials look like Web 2.0. That familiar blue and green color combination is all over the place. Here I am, thinking I can forget about web stuff for a week. No way. There’s two Dove commercials that flirt with me, and then say that if I want to see more, I have to visit their website. CNN refers to their website all the time, as did my local news stations, as did Oprah in nearly every show.

I couldn’t stand to watch “my soap”, because Alan Quartermaine has been “dying” for the past month and that’s just a pathetic way to treat a long-time actor. “GH” is disconnected from long-time viewers like me (I watched Luke and Laura get married, watched Stone die from Aids, and was a viewer when John Stamos played “Blackie” and Demi Moore blew everyone away with her voice and hair.)

The Web is in Print

When I got to the point where I could read without falling asleep, I noticed that magazine page layouts look like web pages. Words have hover colors or are highlighted in yellow, like what we see on the web. Every magazine I read has a section near the front that highlights their website with what readers like the most and what is featured. One web design magazine I subscribe to is sending the print version, but in the meantime, I can log in to the web version and start reading it now.

There is no need to be patient anymore. Will the next generation of humans ever know the thrill of running to the mailbox to get the “thing I’m waiting for”?

Everywhere I Go

I thought I’d do some browsing to sites I don’t normally go to, but that plan never worked out. I got sucked into my Bloglines feeds anyway and pretty much remained there.

I did some searching in Google on the type of knee surgery I had. Apparently I’m not alone. According to my MyBlogLog, someone searched on the term “torn meniscus humor” and found my blog. What in heaven’s name is so funny about knee surgery?

I’m sure those of you with MyBlogLog do the same thing. It’s hilarious to see what search terms bring back your web site pages. So many of them are off the wall. Along with the torn meniscus humor one is “porn production in Sydney”. Have I ever written on that topic? I don’t remember. But they found my blog searching for it.

Hope I was helpful.

There’s Always Something to Remind Me

It took a lot to make me laugh this week. To make matters worse, my daughter just got her drivers license and decided that on day two of my surgery recovery, she was going to take my car out alone for the first time. Actually, she was going with her best friend, Britney, but that only scared me more. Three and half hours later, I thought I would need an ambulance because I had stopped breathing. I was in SUCH a panic, it was getting dark, my cell phone was dead so I couldn’t call her every five minutes (so I kept making Eric call her. He deserves a medal when I get like this.)

So they get home and she and Britney come bouncing up the stairs to where I’m stuck in bed, giggling and carrying on as if they were drinking and I start to tell them to quit being so happy because I’m mad at them. Eric bounces into my sight first, all happy, and I’m thinking, what the heck? We’re supposed to be the unhappy parents here. Next up, is my son Stefan. I’m thinking he’s there to see his sister get yelled at. That’s always fun. The youngest, Andrew, is always jumping up and down anyway (I swear he thinks the earth is one big trampoline), so he’s trailing along for the show. (There’s always one in my house. Trust me.)

And then Arielle and Britney come clamoring into the room with a pile of balloons, cards, flowers…and of course, now I know why they took my car.

Another Place and Time

I expect to be back next week with something on topic sensible awe inspriring. Okay, industry related.


Melody A.M. by Royksopp – The song titled “Remind Me”, used in the Geico Caveman in Airport commercial.


  1. DazzlinDonna's Gravatar DazzlinDonna
    February 23, 2007    

    Happy, happy, happy, am I that you are ok. Been worrying about you. Don’t worry about anything at all except getting all better.

  2. February 23, 2007    

    Great to have you back Kim!

  3. February 23, 2007    

    Welcome back, Kim! Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. :-)

  4. February 24, 2007    

    It’s great to hear that all went really fine, Kim. Your blog post shows you’re well on the way to complete recovery. Good to see you around again.

  5. February 27, 2007    

    I am so glad you are back and OK. Now get to work!  Your post on how Web 2.0 is in print and on TV is right on topic for the new topic I just suggested for cre8pc. Search optimization marketing (SOM) includes using what we have learned in keyword research and usability to assist the user in their search. This includes using consistent keywords and navigation clues in the offline ads and PR.

  6. February 27, 2007    

    Kim great to see you’re back and we wish you a quick recovery. Looking forward to your next post on porn production in Sydney. ;)

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