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Hello! Is Anybody There?

Today I feel like being Ms. Dewey. Wait a minute, while I load first …

Education, or Not

Still no word from SEMPO or Human Factors Inc. on their having received money from Cre8asiteforums to support a student in financial need for their educational programs.

We’re not sure what to make of this. SEMPO, which represents the search engine marketing industry, has launched an educational program. HFI has had a Human Factors certification program for years. SEMPO’s website requires a form to make contact. There is no one person to contact or a way provided to do that on their contact page. HFI has no form, but supplies a variety of contact email addresses, but no name or title to address in correspondence. I will likely have to call, because either nobody received my form submission and email, or they think I’m spamming them.

How many spam emails do you get where someone is offering you free money?

New Spy Tool

For those link fanatics who like an army of tools to play with, here is a new one. It is called SEOSpyGlass. Not that SEO’s like to spy on folks or anything.

New Kid on the Block

Christine Churchill has a blog! SEMClubhouse features herself, as well as the rest of the gang at Key Relevance. Congratulations and welcome to the blog pool.

New Products for Everybody Except You

Despite the presence of the World Wide Web, if you live outside one of the bigger countries, you likely feel ignored. I know you do because of 10 Complaints From An International Shopper

Such as:

1. “Tell me up front if you don’t want me as a customer.”
2. “If you say you’ll send to Europe, I will assume you mean the geographic boundaries, not some constantly changing political border.”
3. “I guess all this shows that ecommerce site owners don’t do enough quality assurance/usability testing on their websites.”
4.”It never occurred to me that it would be a different Amazon!”

Women Rock

This was sent to me by my husband. He’s such a brown noser. The Rise of the College Woman.

…”30 years from now women will be making most of the money and they’ll be running society.”

And finally, thank you to Liana Evans. She not only writes about women in technology every week, but she also is a social energizer bunny who managed to get me out of the house for a local gathering of search engine marketing and web desgin folks in the Delaware Valley.

I had a blast.

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  1. January 27, 2007    

    I’m here!! Wonder how many businesses miss opportunities thinking the email was spam. Might be a good topic @ Cre8.

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