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Cre8asiteforums Educational Scholarship Fund Winners

During the year of 2006, we accepted advertisements at the forums for the first time. While some funds are needed for maintenance, it was my hope to find a way to put the majority of earnings back into the industries we serve at Cre8asiteforums.

We don’t earn a lot, but what we did gather, we wished to share. To that end, I did some research and chose seven educational facilities or opportunities, for which four could be chosen by Cre8asiteforums members who wanted to participate in the poll

The poll ended in a tie for the 4th spot, so I chose to add more funds, so that all five winners might benefit.

The winners receive $400 each in funds to put towards a Cre8asiteforums Educational Scholarship Fund. This totals $2000 from our ad revenue.

The winners are:

SEMPO Institute

Fresh Egg Internship Program

Search Engine College, Certification Pathways

Bruce Clay Inc. SEOToolSet Training

Human Factors International, Certification program

We are aware that many people are low income, self-starters, single parents, self-employed, etc., who have talent, passion and the desire to learn. We wish to help them by guiding them to educational facilities we find to be credible, authentic, trustworthy, ethical, reputable and positive role models in the search engine marketing and web design industries.

Again, it’s not much, but we remain excited to be able to help and support education.

Additional information:

5 sem training sponsorships awarded by Cre8siteforum members

Forums Announcement

Search Engine College Announces First Scholarship Winner


  1. Jill's Gravatar Jill
    January 20, 2007    

    Kim, what a great idea!

  2. January 20, 2007    

    Thank you!

    Search Engine College is doubling our award, by matching it. They will offer a SECOND scholarship to a member of Cre8asiteforums, as thanks for the funds.

    We unanimously chose a member, who is in the process of being notified.

    The first awarded scholarship from Search Engine College went to the forums blog editor, who is disabled and therefore, funds for education are not always feasible. In return for her studies, she will be writing about the school, her experience and performing more duties at the forums with her new skills (thank goodness! As we need the help!)

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