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An Absolute Goldmine of Web Design Education

I appreciate it when I find a place that does something way better than how I was doing it. I used to have a usability research directory that I kept up. It was mostly for my own use, to keep track of case studies and articles that would back up the work I do. I became too busy to keep it up.

However, there is an incredible resource that some of you may not be aware of, that I wish to share. It is the Web Design References by the University of Minnesota Duluth. Topics covered:

Every page is packed with articles and publications culled from authoritative sites.

My favorite haunts are Accessibility and Usability. When you visit each section, you’ll find they’ve broken them down into a wide variety of sub-categories.

I had thought I’d bring back my own resources and the free testing section at some point. But while we wait for me to decide on their usefulness, I feel good about showing this enormous goldmine of information available to you now.

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