Fairy Godmother of the Search Marketing Industry

Clearly, I’m about to ruin the true point of this new “Who’s the Coolest” contest running, and I should probably apologize right now, but it’s cold as hell in my office and the first funniest thing to see online in SEO-land since last week has just showed up.

Andy Beal has written The Godfather of Search? What About the Godmother? He writes,

“Last week I received a quick email from Jeremy Shoemaker, asking me who I thought the “Godfather of Search” was.

Andy got to wondering (*taking lessons from moi?) where the heck the women are in this idea? So, he made a poll with his picks for “The Most Powerful Woman in Search” .

Vanessa Fox
Marissa Mayer
Jill Whalen
Kim Krause Berg
Elisabeth Osmeloski
Heather Lloyd Martin
Jennifer Laycock
Christine Churchill
Dana Todd
Shari Thurow
Barbara Coll
Jennifer Slegg

That’s some stiff competition there. Frankly, I can think of several reasons why I shouldn’t be on the list, but why ruin the fun by being practical?

Now, where are my mice men and where’d I stick that pumpkin?

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