The First Scholarship Winners Chosen for Cre8asiteForums Educational Fund

Soon after learning they were chosen by Cre8asiteforums to offer a scholarship fund for their college, The Search Engine College doubled our offer by creating a second scholarship for the same amount of money.

This allowed two members of Cre8asiteforum members (not a requirement for the scholarship. That’s up to the facility to choose), to be notified today that they were chosen to participate.

Kalena Jordan announces the first winner in Cre8asiteforums Educational Scholarship Fund Selects Search Engine College

The first recipient is Elizabeth Able, Blog Editor for Cre8asiteforums blog, and owner of

The second recipient is Miram Ellis-Loraditch, of Solas Web Design and SEO Igloo Blog.

We’re thrilled to be able to add a little support by encouraging education. Not to mention the fun of surprising folks with good news!

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