Kim Krause Berg Video Interview with Mike

Finally. Proof that I’m scared to death of a camera, but not Mike McDonald from Webpronews. At long last, my 10 minutes of video fame has arrived.

To hear me talk about usability, at SES Chicago in December, see On Aesthetics and Usability in Design. Â Discussion and feedback here.

The Internet is a tangle of opinions on such issues. Even “standards” seem to suffer from differences. Fortunately, there are those whom have traversed multiple mediums and can speak to these issues from experience. Kimberly Krause Berg of, took a break from the standard SEO chat at Search Engine Strategies to discuss issues of usability with the WebProNews crew. Berg asserts that “This [usability and accessibility] is not an afterthought.” Few would argue… yet it seems that many fewer heed such advice.

4 thoughts on “Kim Krause Berg Video Interview with Mike”

  1. Considering we (Mike and I) had all of 3 seconds to get prepared for it, I think we did well. Thanks to you for putting the bug in their ear :)

    The folks at Cre8asiteforums are hilarious…most of the mods have never seen me before. They have this image of my avatar as “Wonder Woman”, LOL

    At least this video is more honest about that!

  2. Thanks Daz. The consensus of my family is that the voice everyone hears on the video is lower than it really is. We guess that’s because the mic is pinned to my collar. My son goes…”Eeeuu, you sound weird mom!” LOL

    Hopefully the interview has some helpful nuggets in it :)

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