Did Your Blog Make The Z-List?

Here’s an introduction that speaks to my periodic picking on “A-list” lists. Seth Godin writes “Worth a look! There is no A list, so there can’t be a Z list. There’s just good blogs.”

I have to admit that as much as lists feel like a self indulgent ego-trip, they do help get the word out. They help you scan down a list of blogs to see what might be interesting. If you’re pruning your personal list of feeds, lists of blogs are an easy way to discover new ones to add to it.

I became curious when my blog stats pointed to a site that was driving traffic into my blog. I went to investigate and learned the site is ZList, a Squidoo written by Seth Godin.

This list is a living, dynamic list of blogs. While my blog is, at this very second, number 42 out of 283 spots, I know this won’t last. Registered Squidoo members can vote a blog up or down in rank, as well as add new blogs to the list.

The bummer with this is that if someone wants to blacklist you, they can. For every fan of your’s that will happily give you a leg up, there’s an army of persons with agendas, jealousies, biases and the grumpies who will take more pleasure in chopping your blog downward.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t tell anyone about the Z-list, so my blog can sit there and dangle its legs over the side of wall and play the harmonica in peace for a few days. But, that wouldn’t be fair. I recognize some great blogs on the list that belong to my friends.

I thought they deserved a chance to see their blog name in lights too.

4 thoughts on “Did Your Blog Make The Z-List?”

  1. That’s what I thought too, Tamar. I’m torn because I believe in the freedom to make choices, vote, have an opinion, etc. But, I’m seeing these actions applied to hurt people and businesses on purpose. Btw, thank you! :) #20 is great!

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